What is Cherry Mx Brown Switch?

Cherry MX Brown switches are a popular choice for mechanical keyboards, known for their tactile bump and quiet operation. These switches provide a satisfying typing experience, ideal for both gaming and office use.

Mechanical keyboards with Cherry MX Brown switches offer a responsive feel and relatively quieter typing experience, making them a preferred choice for many professionals and enthusiasts. Whether you’re a writer, programmer, or gamer, the tactile feedback and smooth keystrokes of Cherry MX Brown switches provide an enjoyable typing experience.

We’ll delve deeper into the features and benefits of Cherry MX Brown switches, helping you understand why they are a sought-after option in the world of mechanical keyboards.

Cherry Mx Brown

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Cherry MX Brown switches are renowned for their tactile feel, actuation force, and relatively quiet operation. These features make them a favorite among gamers and typists alike. In this section, we will delve deeper into the key features of Cherry MX Brown switches, providing insight into their tactility, actuation force, and sound and noise level.


Cherry MX Brown switches offer a tactile bump when pressed, providing users with a responsive feedback that helps in ensuring accurate key presses. The tactile feedback helps typists to know when the keystroke is registered, leading to improved typing efficiency and accuracy.

Actuation Force

With an actuation force of 55g, Cherry MX Brown switches strike a balance between the lighter actuation of the Red switches and the heavier actuation of the Blue switches. This moderate actuation force makes them suitable for extended typing sessions without causing finger fatigue, while also being responsive enough for gaming.

Sound And Noise Level

When it comes to sound and noise level, Cherry MX Brown switches are relatively quiet compared to their counterparts such as the Blue switches. While they still produce a discernible noise when pressed, it is significantly quieter, making them an ideal choice for office environments and shared spaces.


When choosing a mechanical keyboard switch, comparing Cherry MX Brown against other popular options like Cherry MX Red and Cherry MX Blue is crucial. Let’s see how these switches differ in terms of feel and performance.

Cherry Mx Brown Vs. Cherry Mx Red

Cherry MX Brown offers a tactile bump without audible click, while Cherry MX Red provides a smooth linear action.

FeatureCherry MX BrownCherry MX Red
Typing FeelTactile bump, quietSmooth linear, quiet
Actuation Force45g45g
Actuation Distance2mm2mm
Reset Distance0.7mm0.4mm
Noise LevelQuietQuiet
UsageTyping, GamingGaming, Typing
FeedbackTactile feedbackNo tactile feedback
DurabilityRated for 50 million keystrokesRated for 50 million keystrokes
PreferenceDepends on personal preference, favored for typing and gamingDepends on personal preference, favored for gaming and fast typing

These are some basic differences, but personal preference plays a significant role in choosing between them, as some users prefer the tactile feedback of Cherry MX Brown switches, while others prefer the smooth linear action of Cherry MX Red switches.

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Cherry Mx Brown Vs. Cherry Mx Blue

Cherry MX Brown offers a tactile bump without the click sound present in Cherry MX Blue, providing a quieter typing experience.

FeatureCherry MX BrownCherry MX Blue
Typing FeelTactile bump, quietTactile bump, audible click
Actuation Force45g50g
Actuation Distance2mm2.2mm
Reset Distance0.7mm1.7mm
Noise LevelQuietAudible click
UsageTyping, GamingTyping, Gaming
FeedbackTactile feedbackTactile feedback, audible click
DurabilityRated for 50 million keystrokesRated for 50 million keystrokes
PreferenceDepends on personal preference, favored for typing and gamingDepends on personal preference, favored for typing with audible feedback

The choice between Cherry MX Brown and Cherry MX Blue switches often comes down to whether you prefer a quieter typing experience (Brown) or enjoy the audible click feedback while typing (Blue). Both switches offer tactile feedback, but the Blue switches have a distinct audible click that some users find satisfying, while others may prefer the quieter operation of the Brown switches.

Gaming Performance

Cherry MX Brown switches are known for their balanced tactile feedback and quiet operation, making them a popular choice for gamers. The unique combination of tactile bump and minimal click noise provides gamers with the right blend of precision and performance. In this section, we will take a closer look at the gaming suitability, pros, and cons of Cherry MX Brown switches.

Suitability For Gaming

Cherry MX Brown switches have gained popularity among gamers due to their tactile feedback, which is crucial for precise keystrokes. Whether you’re executing complex combinations in a fighting game or making quick decisions in a fast-paced shooter, these switches offer a responsive and tactile feel that enhances your gaming experience. The tactile bump allows you to feel exactly when the key is actuated, offering better control and reducing the chance of accidental keystrokes.

Pros And Cons For Gaming Use

  • Excellent tactile feedback for precise keystrokes
  • Quieter operation compared to clicky switches
  • Smooth keystroke with a light actuation force
  • Great for gaming in shared environments
  • Not as quiet as linear switches
  • Not recommended for gamers who prefer a completely silent typing experience
  • May take some time to get used to the tactile bump
  • Higher actuation force compared to linear switches

Cherry MX Brown switches offer a range of advantages for gaming. The tactile feedback ensures you can make precise inputs, helpful when executing complex commands or double-checking keystrokes. Additionally, the relatively lower noise level makes them suitable for shared gaming environments or situations where loud clicking sounds may be disruptive. However, it is worth noting that Cherry MX Brown switches are not completely silent and may not suit gamers who prefer a completely silent typing experience. The tactile bump might also require some adjustment if you are used to linear switches. Despite these considerations, Cherry MX Brown switches remain a popular choice for gamers who value both responsiveness and a quieter typing experience.

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Typing Experience

The Cherry MX Brown switches are known for their exceptional typing experience. With their tactile feedback and smooth keystrokes, they provide a level of comfort and satisfaction that is hard to beat. Whether you’re a professional typist or a casual user, the Cherry MX Brown switches offer an enjoyable typing experience that will keep you coming back for more.

Comfort In Typing

The Cherry MX Brown switches are designed with comfort in mind. The switches have a medium actuation force, which means you don’t have to press too hard to register a keystroke. This results in less strain on your fingers and hands, making it easier to type for extended periods without discomfort. Additionally, the tactile feedback of the switches gives you a reassuring sensation every time you press a key, further enhancing your typing experience.

Typing Speed And Accuracy

When it comes to typing speed and accuracy, the Cherry MX Brown switches excel. The medium actuation force and tactile feedback allow for quick and precise typing, resulting in fewer errors and increased productivity. Whether you’re typing up a document, coding, or gaming, these switches provide the responsiveness and precision that you need. With the Cherry MX Brown switches, you can type with confidence and achieve faster typing speeds without sacrificing accuracy.

Customization And Modding

Customization and modding are essential aspects for keyboard enthusiasts looking to personalize their Cherry MX Brown switches. Whether it’s about changing keycaps for a unique appearance or modifying the switches for improved performance, the ability to customize and mod the switches adds an exciting dimension to the mechanical keyboard experience.

Keycap Compatibility

One of the key advantages of Cherry MX Brown switches is their wide keycap compatibility, allowing users to explore a plethora of options when it comes to customizing the aesthetics of their keyboard. With a standard Cherry MX stem, these switches are compatible with a variety of keycap sets available in the market. This offers enthusiasts the flexibility to experiment with different profiles, materials, and colors to achieve their desired look and feel.

Switch Modifications

Switch modifications for Cherry MX Brown switches can enhance their tactile feedback, reduce wobble, and address potential issues. Enthusiasts can apply lubricants to minimize friction and stabilize the tactile bump. Additionally, spring-swapping to adjust actuation force is another popular mod among enthusiasts, allowing them to tailor the switches to their individual preferences. Sentient components like the stem and housing can also be modified to optimize the overall performance of the switches.

Cherry Mx Brown

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User Perspectives

When it comes to the Cherry MX Brown switches, it is important to consider user perspectives. Reviews and testimonials as well as community feedback play a crucial role in understanding the real-world experience of individuals who have used these switches. Let’s delve into what users have to say about Cherry MX Brown switches.

Reviews And Testimonials

Many users have praised the Cherry MX Brown switches for their tactile feedback and quiet operation. They appreciate the balance between gaming and typing, making them versatile switches for various tasks. Some users have also highlighted the durability and longevity of these switches, providing a reliable typing experience over time. Overall, the positive reviews and testimonials showcase the satisfaction of users with the Cherry MX Brown switches.

Community Feedback

Within the mechanical keyboard community, feedback on Cherry MX Brown switches has been largely positive. Users often share their experiences and preferences, discussing the comfortable actuation force and tactile bump of the switches. Additionally, the compatibility of Cherry MX Brown switches with custom keycaps and keyboards is a common point of praise. The community feedback serves as a valuable resource for those considering these switches, offering insights from a collective user base.

Cherry Mx Brown

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Frequently Asked Questions For Cherry Mx Brown

Are Cherry Mx Brown Switches Good?

Yes, Cherry MX Brown switches are good for a balanced typing and gaming experience. They offer tactile feedback and quiet operation, making them ideal for various tasks. With their reliable performance, these switches provide a satisfying key feel for many users.

Is Cherry Mx Brown Noisy?

Yes, Cherry MX Brown switches are relatively quiet compared to other mechanical key switches. They produce a soft, tactile feedback without the loud clicking sound.

Is Cherry Mx Red Or Brown Better?

Cherry MX Red and Brown switches have different characteristics. MX Red is better for gaming with its linear feel, while MX Brown is great for typing with its tactile feedback. Choose based on your needs!

What Does Cherry Mx Brown Feel Like?

Cherry MX Brown switches provide a tactile bump with quiet keystrokes. They offer a balance of typing comfort and gaming responsiveness.


To sum up, Cherry MX Brown switches offer a perfect balance for those seeking a tactile typing experience without the disruptive click sound. With their smooth keystrokes and gentle feedback, these switches are suitable for both typing and gaming purposes.

The legend of Cherry MX Brown continues to grow as their popularity spreads among enthusiasts. Discover the joy of typing on Cherry MX Brown and elevate your typing experience to new heights.


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